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It's simple really. You want a job? You need a resume! The perfect resume in fact. One that cuts through the clutter and displays only the information that matters to potential employers in the concise format and style they prefer.

You've come to the right place. S.S. Resume exists to help you create the perfect resume…in minutes…for FREE. That's right…create your very own FREE resume in MINUTES…no strings attached.

Through our proprietary 3-step process: 1) Sign-up, 2) Create and 3) Send, we've made a difficult and time-consuming task super simple. You'll soon have a first-rate resume in the proven format and style preferred by HR personnel with employers across multiple industries.

Your Free Resume Builder

Life Ring

S.S. Resume offers a free resume builder and secure resume data storage unit. Our 3-step process walks you through creation and distribution of your resume to potential employers. As an added bonus, employers get access to our database so your resume is working 24/7 for you! Our free resume builder will ensure that your relevant information is presented thoughtfully and effectively to potential employers in the format and style they prefer.

Best of all, this service is absolutely FREE…with no strings attached. You will not be subjected to unwanted advertisements or solicitations - and your data will be securely stored. We will be showing your resume to potential employers and other employment agencies behind the scenes, but only at your full discretion.

How to Create Your Free Resume

Let's set sail! Create your free account and begin letting our proprietary program help you create a resume in a format and style proven to maximize the attention you receive from employers. Sign Up At the top of the page!